Gregory Wright

Artist Statement: Microcosm/Macrocosm?



Encaustic, from the Greek enkaustikos meaning to “burn in”, is the ancient art of painting with molten pigmented beeswax.

In my body of work Microcosm/Macrocosm? I explore the connectivity that exists among the cosmos, the terrestrial, and the cellular through sinuous shapes and biomorphic motifs of celestial, aquatic, and microscopic influences. My intent is to capture a visual account of the human condition. The viewer is taken on a fantastic voyage through vast atmospheres with seemingly simple shapes that are drawn through vortices, divided and transfigured.

I paint in encaustic with mixed-media additions. The images and surfaces are built up to the point that you might call the work relief painting. I intend for my compositions to exceed the boundaries of their surfaces, as though they are close-ups or vast panoramas, allowing just a glimpse of the entire story. Upon close inspection, the detail in the work reveals the complex nature of this journey.




©2011 Gregory Wright